My name is Lukus Ebert, I am still trying to figure out where the world and God are calling me.

I am currently serving a year completing mission work in Austin, TX. I am working at an amazing local non-profit called “Texas Impact” they are an interfaith organization focusing on public policy in the state. Health and environment are the main focus of the organization, and the organization is working on getting health coverage more accessible to those who are uninsured.

I am still raising money for my mission. If the spirit so moves you, or if you are able to and would like to donate it is fairly easy.
Donating online is the easiest: go to the website www.austinseminary.edu. There are blue tabs running across the top of the website (Academics, Admissions, To Community Life, etc). Click on the tab labeled “Giving.” You will be sent to a page with two blue tabs on the right hand side of the page. Click on the tab labeled “Make an Online Gift.” Pick an amount to donate, or fill in an amount you wish to donate. For the box marked “Designation”, use the pull down menu to pick “Other.” Under Additional Information, indicate that it is a one-time gift and in the section for Comments please write “AYAVA HOUSE.” Continue by filling out the payment information and the billing information and then click “Submit Gift.” The gift will be acknowledged first by the Seminary, and then later by Martha who will inform me of this. It is important that you don’t put my name on any donations, only the AYAVA House. They let us know who donated and then we identify who donated to us. All donations are tax deductible as long as they are designated to support AYAVA House.
Thank you so much for checking out the “About” section if you haven’t already go ahead and read some of the blogs I have posted.