The Squirrel and The Creek

Today started out in a somewhat predictable way, in the sense of I knew the schedule; I showered, ate a quick breakfast, grabbed a bus to a new destination, slammed a large coffee, and went to a beautiful place called Barton Springs. I opted out of the swimming and took a walk to reconnect with nature and talk with God. I was walking silently when I heard some squeaking like I had never heard before. I went to investigate and I found that there was a squirrel clinging to a rock (I can only assume he fell from one of the trees hanging over the water) and squeaking in distress as water rushed around it. I quickly threw my shoes and socks off, and started to shuffle across the moss covered ledge as water rushed across my feet and around me, a three foot drop to my left and to my right. I got off the wall and waded to the bank to get a branch. I got back on the wall, shuffled quickly back getting the squirrel to get on the branch, and lifted the branch above the water and headed back to the bank. After wading one last time through the waist deep rushing water, I got the branch and the squirrel back on dry land. The squirrel and I rested for about five minutes before he scurried up a tree, and I continued on the path on the other side of the water from where I started, but wait there’s more. The side that I ended up on was completely fenced off…so back across the rushing water and slippery ledge.

Why do I share this story? In hopes that you think of me as some Squirrel Saving Saint? No, although, that would be cool and unique. I share this story because as I walked back to the entrance of the trail I was thinking about that squirrel’s life and its recent events, and how I can relate to that feeling of what life can feel like. It can feel terrifying, overwhelming, and sometimes like you might drown. Over this past six months I have had several life changes some intentional, and others not. I recently followed where God was calling me, which in itself can be overwhelming and terrifying. I moved to Austin, TX. I left a place I called home my entire life. I left behind friends, family, my church family, my car, an apartment, 95% of my worldly possessions, and the most stable job I have ever had. I have found myself trying not to slip on the moss covered ground as water rushes around me and over me. I have the occasional twig bumping into me, avoiding quickly moving branches, and stones lying in the way. All of this to get to another side that is completely uncertain and unseen. So frequently I find myself in the squirrel’s place, clinging to a rock as water rushes by me and splashes me, and all I can do is wait and hope for rescue. Thankfully my rescuer isn’t some guy who is freaking out cussing most of the way as he almost slips I don’t know how many times. So who is this amazing rescuer of mine?!

My rescuer is God! Yes, I have friends and family who also rescue me at times. God though is always there even in my doubt and fear. It was my faith in God that helped get me through my year and a half of homelessness, got me clean of a terrible addiction, and despite failing out of college my first year got me through to graduation 5 years later and with a GPA over 3.2. And now I have faith in God that I will complete this year successfully. Although this year will have its rocks and branches on this slippery moss covered path called life, as will the rest of my life, I know that if I keep my faith in God and continue to love God, love people, and love the world this little squirrel will make it across to the other bank.

Peace and Love,


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